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The impressive peaks and valleys of Koblenz and the surrounding area are beckoning to be explored on foot. A new level of hiking. The Rheinsteig trail offers grand views and spectacular vistas for both ambitious hikers and those looking for a short walk with lots of variety..

Immerse yourself in the world of knights and nobles. The right and left sides of the Middle Rhine feature over 40 castles next to each other. Many of these can be explored on foot via the Rheinburgen trail , Europe's most densely packed stretch of castles.

Or take a culinary tour of the region on the Schoppenstecher circular trail along the sunny Lower Moselle. Choose your path and enjoy.


3 days - hiking the premium trails / dream trails

The premium trails are a highlight for any hiking enthusiast and offer the highest level of hiking enjoyment. These trails have been granted the "German Hiking Seal of Approval" and feature surprising natural phenomena, magical locations, extraordinary flora and fauna, special geological features, traces of early use, modern art and, most of all, breathtaking views. The dream trails and the fantastic trails of the Eifel mountains offer many varied hiking experiences. Dense forests and volcanic landscapes, plateaus and steep vineyards, medieval castles and spectacular views of the Rhine and Moselle valleys.

The Moselsteig Trail

The Moselle river flows through one of Europe's most beautiful cultural landscapes. The countryside is characterized by a history spanning over 2000 years, forests, vineyards, wonderful villages and, of course, wine. This high-quality trail is sure to reward hikers with a unique and diverse experience. Its length alone—at 365 kilometers—is impressive, making the Moselsteig trail one of the longest hiking trails in Germany. Its 24 sections offer a variety of hikes, ranging from easy to demanding and leading through forests and vineyards, along the shores of the Moselle river, and along slopes with spectacular views. Its natural and cultural richness make the Moselsteig a trail worth getting excited about.

The Rheinsteig Trail

Located between Bonn, Koblenz and Wiesbaden, this trail takes you on 320 km of narrow paths and demanding climbs on the right side of the Middle Rhine. A premium trailwith something to offer for both long-distance hikers and day excursionists. With plenty of sign posts and connections, hikers can easily access the "Grand Canyon for Romantics" (e.g. near the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress) for day excursions or other activities in Koblenz.

Rheinburgen Trail

Castle hopping in the Upper Middle Rhine (a UNESCO World Heritage site) is an experience that keeps true to the motto that a bird's eye view is always better . The Rheinburgen trail runs about 220km along the left and right sides of the Rhine river from Bad Breisig to Bingen/Rüdesheim (passing through Koblenz) and leads through impressive natural landscapes. This trail is also an attractive option for short day tours. The start of the trail in Koblenz is the Deutsches Eck ("German Corner"). From there, the trail heads south through the Kaiserin Augusta Rheinanlagen park to the Rittersturz overlook, to the Dommelsberg hill and, for those interested, even further.

The Schoppenstecher Circular Trail

A schoppenstecher is someone who rarely foregoes the opportunity to enjoy one or several "schoppen" (a 0.2l or 0.25l glass) of wine on his or her walks or hikes.

Whether you consider yourself to already be among these ranks or not, the Schoppenstecher circular trail offers 100km of signposted trail that leads from Koblenz-Güls to Koblenz-Moselweiß, winding through several wine villages, steep slopes and terraced vineyards along the sunny Lower Moselle river. A day tour is sufficient to explore the steep hillside vineyards, forested peaks and beautiful wine villages on the left and right sides of the river. You can also make a stop at one of the many rustic winemakers for a hearty meal and a glass of Moselle Riesling.

You can pick up a pamphlet on the Schoppenstecher circular trail at the Koblenz tourist information center at the central train station or at the town hall.
The address of the tourist information center is:

Eigenbetrieb der Stadt Koblenz
Bahnhofplatz 7 | 56068 Koblenz

Tourist-Information im Forum Confluentes
Zentralplatz 1 | 56068 Koblenz
Telefon: 0261/19433
Telefon: 0261/1291610 (Romanticum)

Source: Koblenz-Touristik Website

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