[Translate to Englisch:] Wanderwege in der Eifel

Once covered by glowing lava, the East Eifel is today green and fertile countryside. Nature lovers call it endearingly “the green heart of Europe”. But primarily, a hike through East Eifel is an exciting trip into times long gone by: The numerous conical mountain peaks, special geological volcanic formations and the large crater lake, "Laacher See" (Lake Laacher), are witnesses of the original volcanic landscape. In the center is the historic town Mayen – the cultural and commercial center of the region. The town invites the hiker to a stroll, to relax and gather energy. The following hiking trails in the Eifel await you:

Bergheidenweg (Mountain Heath Trail)»

Booser Doppelmaartour (Booser Doppelmaar Trail) »

Förstersteig (Forester's Trail) »

Heidehimmel Volkesfeld (Heavenly Heath Trail) »

Hochbermeler (Hochbermel Trail) »

Monrealer Ritterschlag »

Nette-Schieferpfad (Nette Slate Trail) »

Pellenzer Seepfad (Pellenz Lake Trail)»

Vier-Berge-Tour (Four Mountain Tour) »

Virne-Burgweg (Virne Castle Trail)»

Vulkanpfad (Volcano Trail) »

Wacholderweg (Juniper Trail)»

Waldseepfad Rieden (Rieden Forest Lake Trail) »

Wanderather (Wanderath Trail) »

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