Hiking the trails on the Rhine

The romantic hiking countryside along the Rhine is captivating: steep mountain slopes with jagged rocks and extensive vineyards, pathways winding through dense forests and dreamy meadows along the mighty Rhine river – sections of which are recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site – carry the hiker into another world. The Andernacher geyser — at 60m, the tallest cold water geyser in the world — offers an especially adventurous experience. The following hiking trails on the Rhine await you: We recommend the following hiking trails on the Rhine:

Höhlen- und Schluchtensteig (Cave and Canyon Trail) »

Rheingoldbogen (Rheingold Loop) »

Saynsteig (Sayn Trail)»

Waldschluchtenweg (Forest Ravine Trail) »

Wolfsdelle (Wolf's Pit) » 

Source: www.traumpfade.info