Experience wines straight from the vine

Our connection to the region and our passion for good wine can be seen from our location near the Gülser Bienengarten alone. The vineyard's good sun exposure and special soil composition create the ideal conditions for fresh and fruity wines with high-quality mineral contents.
The Moselhotel Hähn team and our partner winemakers will gladly treat you to a wine experience with the best wines the Moselle / Rhineland-Palatinate has to offer.Enjoy local top-quality wines from famous vineyards such as Winninger,Uhlen, BrückstückandFelsenterrassen. Wine can be found everywhere in the region: whether at wine festivals or culinary highlights, such as Wein im Schloss ("Wine in the Castle") and much more.
Let yourself be inspired at the Moselhotel Hähn right in the middle of the Moselle wine region in Koblenz, Rhineland-Palatinate. Our wine selection has been carefully put together with the help of the "International Wine Institute" and Alexander Kohnen. The selection focuses heavily on local varieties, but also on international wines. Both criteria help to round off our wine selection.

We look forward to the opportunity to transport you to the world of wine!
The Moselhotel Hähn Team - your hotel in the wine region of Koblenz on the Moselle in Rhineland-Palatinate.

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